Femtosecond Pulse Shaping

Microscope Detection Unit


The Microscope Detection Unit (MDU) is designed to facilitate femtosecond pulse compression and measurement directly at the focal plane of a microscope, inverted or upright. It contains a nonlinear crystal for second harmonic generation (SHG) as well as other optical elements to separate SHG photons from the laser light and to couple the SHG light into a compact spectrometer via SMA-connected fiber.

MDU can be chosen as an option, instead of the free-space SHG detection assembly, upon ordering a pulse shaping system, or it can be purchased separately.

  • Technical Specifications
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Dimensions: 3.5" × 1" × 1.125" (main unit); 3.5" × 3" × 0.125" (top plate)
Weight < 3 oz
Collection N.A. (input): ~0.45, compatible with higher NA objectives
SHG crystal: BBO, 10 µm, theta = 33.7° (typ.); customizable
Filter: BG39 glass (typ.); customizable
Laser spectral range (input): 700 - 900 nm (typ.); customizable
SGH spectral range (output): 350 - 450 nm (typ.); customizable
Max. incident laser power: 20 mW @ 80 MHz rep. rate; <1µJ/pulse
Microscope objective: 5x to 100x, air, oil or water immersion